VISAL toolkit

Download here the VISAL toolkit in Croatian, Dutch, English, German, Italian and Slovak

The VISAL toolkit is now available in Croatian, Dutch (temporary version without annexes translated), English, German, Italian and Slovak.

The VISAL toolkit is designed to help you to help and encourage older people with visual impairments to participate actively in their local community.

It offers a step-by-step guide to planning, organising and following up the VISAL programme to help a group of older people with sight loss to gain in confidence, skills and awareness to the best of their individual abilities. The method described has been tried and tested, and so enables you to avoid many of the pitfalls which are present when working with groups of people who are often fragile and have particular needs.

The VISAL toolkit gives you the means to reach out to a vulnerable and often ignored group of people in society. The method outlined in the toolkit has been refined by the project partners over a two-year period and is the fruit of European-wide collaboration. The shared feedback from this cross-cultural interaction adds value to this toolkit, enriching the experience of working with older people with sight loss.

Additional exercises and evaluation resources (English version only) as well as dissemination and recruitment tools are also available on this website .

For any question related to the organisation of VISAL courses in your organisation, please contact the VISAL consortium.