Videos / Audio

  1. Watch the VISAL presentation video made by RNIB in English

    VISAL presentation video in English

  2. Watch the VISAL presentation video made by BSVÖ in German

    VISAL presentation video in German

  3. Watch the video of the VISAL national conference in Croatia (Croatian language)

    A video of the VISAL national conference in Croatia (Croatian language)Includes footage of VISAL participants being taken to the conference on motorbikes!!

  4. A podcast on RNIB Insight radio service about the VISAL project

  5. At the AMD International European Affiliates

    meeting in Rome on Dec 13, 2012, Alan Suttie, representing the World Blind Union and EBU, made a presentation on Meeting the Challenge of Age-Related Sight Loss. Three videos of his presentation are available and in part three he presents the projects VISAL and INTERGEN.

    (Part one)
    (Part two)

    Alan presenting VISAL and INTERGEN

  6. The EBU video on age-related sight-loss.

    EBU's new video on age related sight loss (a text description of the video is available just below)

    (The video begins by showing a baby in the form of a simple pictogram, who gradually increases in age, is seen in a pushchair, on a swing and finally jumping onto a skateboard. We then see the young man on a bicycle, showing his progression through life as he climbs stairs, escalators and jumps on a bus. He then hails a taxi and moves on. Having found his direction in life, he opens a door. Going through the door he meets a female companion, it is love at first sight, they join hands and move on together. They have a child of their own, the cycle of life continues, and as they walk on, they start to stoop due to old age, and need a stick to walk. As the voice over explains that sight-loss is linked to increased life expectancy we see the person reading an opticians eye-chart which becomes blurred. The person is then seen accompanied by a guide-dog and a cane, and this image multiplies on the screen which is filled with the little characters all with guide-dogs and canes showing the scale of the problem of age-related sight loss. These then fade leaving just one of the tiny figures to illustrate how sight-loss can lead to isolation. The video ends with three images of a plain blue background displaying the same text as is used in the voiceover, ending on the EBU logo and website. The video aims to raise awareness about age-related sight-loss)

    The video is also available with a voice-over in Croatian