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28.9.2016 : VISAL is exporting to France!

A full course will be held in Paris by the end of 2016.

20.5.2016 : New VISAL facilitators trained

A training course was held in Premantura, Croatia, on 19-20 May 2016.

11.3.2016 : VISAL in the EBU newsletter N°105

Continuing the VISAL project and beyond – a long-term success story

What is VISAL


For more information, please contact Gary May, EBU Information Officer, by email at or by telephone at +33 1 47 05 38 20.
Although they represent an increasing part of the population, visually impaired (VI) seniors are one of the most marginalised communities in terms of lifelong learning. This is a clear obstacle to their active involvement in society. This is why British and Dutch experts on visual impairment and older age developped a VISAL training course tailor-made to both the age- and disability-related specific learning needs of elderly VI persons. The course was experimented in Austria, Croatia, Slovakia and the UK, and is now also implemented in Hungary, Italy and Portugal.

Information on the project is available in  Austrian (German language), Slovakian, Croatian and Dutch.

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